3D X-Rays


 Carestream Dental’s 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System  

Recent advances in dental imaging technology have made the use of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) available in our office. The CBCT allows us to take 3D x-rays with low levels of radiation that provide great detail about the teeth requiring treatment. Complicated root canal anatomy, traumatized and fractured teeth, root infections, and other types of dental pathology can often be visualized with a 3D CBCT image when a conventional x-ray is insufficient.  This system allows for the highest level of resolution in CBCT, at the lowest radiation dose, making it an ideal tool for applications such as endodontic diagnosis, treatment guidance, and post treatment evaluation.

We are excited to integrate the Carestream 9000 3D system into our practice.